Service Types

This table lists all service types that can be defined via lagoon.type within a docker-compose.yml file.

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Type Description Healthcheck Exposed Ports Auto generated routes Additional customization parameters
cli Use for any kind of CLI container (like PHP, Node.js, etc.). Automatically gets the customer SSH private key that is mounted in /var/run/secrets/lagoon/sshkey/ssh-privatekey. - - -
cli-persistent Like cli, expects to be given the name of a service that has persistent storage, which will be mounted under defined lagoon.persistent label. Does NOT generate its own persistent storage, only used to mount another service's persistent storage. - -, lagoon.persistent
custom Full custom definition, see documentation - - - -
elasticsearch Elasticsearch container, will auto-generate persistent storage under /usr/share/elasticsearch/data. HTTP on localhost:9200/_cluster/health?local=true 9200 - lagoon.persistent.size
elasticsearch-cluster Elasticsearch cluster with 3 nodes, uses Statefulset, will auto-generate persistent storage for each cluster node under /usr/share/elasticsearch/data. HTTP on localhost:9200/_cluster/health?local=true 9200, 9300 - -
kibana Kibana container. TCP connection on 5601 5601 yes -
logstash Logstash container. TCP connection on 9600 9600 - -
mariadb A meta-service which will tell Lagoon to automatically decide between mariadb-single and mariadb-shared. - - - -
mariadb-shared Uses a shared MariaDB server via a MariaDB service broker. Not Needed 3306 - -
mariadb-single MariaDB container. Creates cron job for backups running every 24h executing /lagoon/ TCP connection on 3306 3306 - lagoon.persistent.size
mongo MongoDB container, will generate persistent storage of min 1GB mounted at /data/db. TCP connection on 27017 27017 - -
mongo-shared Uses a shared MongoDB server via a service broker. Not Needed 27017 - -
nginx Nginx container. No persistent storage. localhost:50000/nginx_status 8080 yes -
nginx-php Like nginx, but additionally a php container. Nginx: localhost:50000/nginx_status, PHP: /usr/sbin/check_fcgi 8080 yes -
nginx-php-persistent Like nginx-php. Will generate persistent storage, defines mount location via lagoon.persistent. Nginx: localhost:50000/nginx_status, PHP: /usr/sbin/check_fcgi http on 8080 yes lagoon.persistent,, lagoon.persistent.size, lagoon.persistent.class
node Node.js container. TCP connection on 3000 3000 yes -
node-persistent Like node. Will generate persistent storage, defines mount location via lagoon.persistent. TCP connection on 3000 3000 yes lagoon.persistent,, lagoon.persistent.size, lagoon.persistent.class
none Instructs Lagoon to completely ignore this service. - - - -
postgres Postgres container. Creates cron job for backups running every 24h executing /lagoon/ localhost TCP connection on 5432 5432 - lagoon.persistent.size
python-ckandatapusher Python CKAN DataPusher container. TCP connection on 8800 8800 yes -
redis Redis container. TCP connection on 6379 6379 - -
solr Solr container with auto-generated persistent storage mounted under /opt/solr/server/solr/mycores. TCP connection on 8983 8983 - -
varnish Varnish container. HTTP request localhost:8080/varnish_status 8080 yes -