php-cli Image

Lagoon php-cli Docker image, based on Lagoon php-fpm image, with all needed tools for daily operations. Containers (or pods) started from cli images are responsible for building code for Composer or Node based projects. The image also owns database clis for both MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

This Dockerfile is intended to be used as an base for any cli needs within Lagoon.

Lagoon & OpenShift adaptions

This image is prepared to be used on Lagoon which leverages OpenShift. There are therefore some things already done:

  • Folder permissions are automatically adapted with fix-permissions so this image will work with a random user and therefore also on OpenShift.
  • COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER=1 removes warning about use of composer as root
  • script checks if containers are running in a Kubernetes environment and then set a 10 minutes timeout to idle cli pods
  • cli containers use ssh key injected by Lagoon or defined into SSH_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable

Included cli tools

The included cli tools are:

  • composer version 1.9.0 (changeable via COMPOSER_VERSION and COMPOSER_HASH_SHA256)
  • nodejs verison v12 (as at October 2019)
  • npm
  • yarn
  • mariadb-client
  • postgresql-client

Change NodeJS Version

By default this Image ships with the current Nodejs Version (v12 at time of writing this). If you need another Version you can remove the current version and install the one of your choice.