Want to hack Lagoon? Yay 🎉! That's how we all started. At Lagoon we take pride in being able to run everything in a local environment, see Developing Lagoon how this works.

I found a security issue 🔓

We take security very seriously. If you discover a security issue or think you found one, please bring it to the maintainers attention.


Please send your findings to Please DO NOT file a GitHub issue for them.

Security reports are greatly appreciated and will receive public Karma and Swag! We're also working on a Bug Bounty system.

I found an issue

We're always interested in fixing issues, therefore issue reports are very welcome. Please make sure to check that your issue does not already exist in the issue list.

I have a feature request or idea

Cool! Just create an issue and we're happy to look over it. We can't guarantee that it will be implemented. But we are always interested in hearing ideas of what we could bring to Lagoon.

Another good way is also to talk to us via RocketChat about your idea. Join today in the channel #lagoon.

I wrote some code

Epic! Please send us a pull request for it, we will do our best to review it and merge it if possible.